Build Your Personal Brand, Connect with More People Online & Own Your Awesome!
Imagine what a DIFFERENCE it will make to... 
...Know exactly WHAT to post and say on social media to attract people to want to buy your products or join your direct sales team
...CONNECT inside NEW social media groups to meet NEW friends that turn into purchasers or team members
...Use MAGICAL scripts to authentically make connections with new friends online so you have a new audience to market your products and opportunity
...Be CONFIDENT whenever you go live online using a simple script that has people messaging you clamouring for more information on what you shared
...NEVER having to rely on copy and pasting the same messages that can easily put you in social media jail (so you'll have greater results and peace of mind)
...use a SIMPLE SYSTEM that has others are reaching out to YOU & wanting to learn MORE about what it is that you do and how they can be a part of it.
This is all not only POSSIBLE, it's HAPPENING RIGHT NOW for My 21-Day Branding Challenge members.
ATTRACTION MARKETING is here to stay.  It's a necessity.  It's real.  It's happening now and people are cashing in.  
Truly, it's imperative to stay ahead of the game in today's noisy social media marketplace!
(especially for network marketers and direct sellers).
What is the 21-dAY bRANDING cHALLENGE, you ask?
It's my all-new training program that teaches network marketers and direct sellers how to brand yourself on social media so that you attract more people to your business or opportunity with less time and effort. 
Simple as that.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to tap into the unlimited potential clients and recruits that exist on social media? 
  • Imagine never having to bother your friends and family ever again to buy your products because you have so many new fresh leads you are selling to.  
  • Imagine having people messaging you versus you messaging them? And they are asking questions about what products you’re using while you are just hanging at home with your family? What would that feel like? 
  • Imagine being out with your friends when someone messages you about joining your opportunity? How great would that be?
  • ​Imagine gaining more time back to do the things you love in your life while your online efforts from days ago do the selling and recruiting for you?
  • ​Imagine having people wonder what company you work for because it looks so much fun and they really want to be part of it. Wouldn’t that be amazing?
  • ​Imagine if you didn’t have to beg the same people to buy your products or to join your team?
  • ​What if potential clients raised their hand and said, “I want more information!” while you are just being you? 
What if you could have more authentic conversations with people who are genuinely excited to talk to you?  
All of this is my reality and I want to teach you how it can be yours!
How Will The 21-Day Branding Challenge
Help Me Achieve Results?
In less than a month you will learn how to re-brand yourself and make a huge impact online.
  • Access to In-Depth Video Trainings - Because for some, visual learning is the next best thing to hands on.
  • Private Community Just For Members - You could do this alone, but you never, EVER have to.
  • Weekly Live Q&A's – Sometimes you want to see a face and hear a voice to know you are on the right track (or not).
  • ​'Magical' Scripts & Templates - When you don’t know how to even get started... These can give you the help you need.
  • ​Constant Support - Everyone needs a helping hand!
  • And So Much More!
"You encourage us to just give it a try and don’t worry about being perfect and learn as we go, because that’s what you do! You lead by example. And I also love that you train on what you personally do and what works for you - you’re doing it and that’s how you know if it works/doesn’t work! I also love that you go Live weekly and do Q&A, AND that you’ve been adding extra content/training - you offer SO MUCH VALUE, Michelle!! You are an amazing Mentor to all of us - thank you! I appreciate you immensely!"
 - Holly B.
A Message From Michelle:
Hi, my name is Michelle Cunningham and I teach network marketers, direct sellers and those who hold hold home parties how to build a brand on social media.

I lead a team of over 1,000 direct sales reps and over 500 of those reps are part of my team because of my presence on social media.

Our team has sold over $10 million dollars of products in the past three years. And I don’t share that to impress you but to impress upon you that I know this stuff works.

Daily, I have people reaching out to me wanting to purchase my products because of the brand that I have built on social mediaWeekly, I have people sending me messages wondering if they can join my team.

And, I am so passionate about showing other people how you can have people reaching out to you and banging on your virtual door wanting more information about what you offer.

For this reason, I created The 21-Day Branding Challenge.

It is the social media attraction marketing machine I’ve created for attracting people to me online!
Can't Wait To See You On The Inside!
The 21-day Branding Challenge has two BIG pieces that make it extraordinary and give you guaranteed results: Course & Community.  
The Course: As a member of the 21-Day Branding Challenge you get access to Michelle’s transformative attraction marketing training product.

All of the tips, scripts and strategies I've used have been compacted into a 7 Module Video Membership Area that teaches you the exact system I have followed to build on social media.

In the 21-Day Branding Challenge, you will be challenged to re-brand yourself and make a huge impact on social media in just 21 days!

The Community: Michelle has created the 21-Day Branding Challenge Tribe for network marketers and direct sellers to share ideas, amazing scripts, celebrations and major wins inside a closed group! When you purchase the 21-Day Branding Challenge today, you get free access to the 21-Day Branding Challenge for 21 days!

Inside the community, Michelle goes live twice a week to answer questions and give away prizes to our BEST NEW BRANDS and OUR WEEKLY WINNERS!

This is an incredible community where ideas are shared so everyone grows!

Would you love to have access to the social media posts that are netting the most comments and likes? We have a sharing area for that!

Would you love to have access to the specific conversations that are leading to successful closes with fellow 21-Day Branding Challengers? We have a sharing area for that!

Not sure how to brand yourself or type up your tagline?  We have community to help with that.

Scared to GO LIVE or unsure what to say?  The community is there for you with title ideas and topics that would be perfect to use.  

We are a tribe.  And we stick together while we share ideas.

We support and help one another.  And we come from a variety of companies and backgrounds, so we are stronger together with a variety of backgrounds.

Wish you could get access to Michelle Cunningham on a live chat twice a week? You’ll get that too. Ask questions. Anything goes!

You’ll receive what it took me nine years to figure out myself all in just 21 days.
Start Receiving The Guidance & Support You've Been Looking For
Here's What People Are Saying!
Ready To Start Getting BETTER Results
In Your Online Business?!
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what this all about... for just a small one-time payment, you're getting full access to the 21-Day Branding Challenge. You'll receive training and community access to help you re-brand yourself, connect with others online, and grow your business! 
Have Questions Or Need Help?
If you have any questions, you can reach out to our support by emailing us at support@michellecunninghamonline.com‬.
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Hey, my name is ______________, and I recently I read a case study from Russell Brunson, showing how he was able to take one of his marketing funnels that was working so poorly, he literally was about to shut off the hosting, and walk away from it forever...

But, in almost a moment of desperation, he decided to try something crazy - and within 30 days, this funnel had done over $100k in sales...

Within 60 days over $300k...

And within 90 days, they passed the $500k a month mark!

I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you'd probably like it a lot, so I go permission to post this casestudy here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!
CASESTUDY: How We Took 1 Dead Funnel, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
Earlier this year, we almost walked away from a sales funnel we had spent over 18 months trying to perfect, but we just couldn't make profitable. 

It was selling a new supplement we had invented, and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss. 

Yes, for every $1 we put into ads, we were getting back about $0.40. 

Not a good way to run a business long term. 

We had tested and tried a LOT of things (as you may know, we literally wrote the book on split testing - you can get a free copy of that book at www.DotComSecretsLabs.com)...

Yet for some reason, we couldn't turn the corner on this one. 

Conversions were good... cashflow was bad. 

About that time I had a chance to talk to a few guys I knew who were crushing it in a very similar market. 

I showed them what we were doing, what our conversions were, and why I was frustrated. 

He came back with two questions. 

First) How much does it cost you to acquire a customer. 

Ha ha... this one I knew. :)  

After watching Shark Tank for years, I knew this was a core metric that EVERYONE had to master, or they couldn't run a business. 
"Depending on the traffic source, we average about $80 to acquire a customer."
Boom - I'm pretty sure he was going to be impressed. 

Then question #2 came out:

Second) What's your average cart value? 

Huh...? Cart Value? What's that mean? Why aren't you asking me about my conversion rates?

I had never heard of that metric before. 
"It's how much money you make on average, in the cart (including your upsells, downsales, etc...), when someone buys your product." he said...
Now, that was a metric in our funnel I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started crunching our numbers, and figured out that our average cart value was ONLY about $32. 

"Well, that's your problem - you're conversions might be awesome, but your cart value sucks. Get that up, and you're back in the game."

Hmmm... I had never thought about cart value before. How could I increase that? 
  • Adding more upsells...
  • Adding a downsale...
  • Adding exit pops...
  • And more...
Where else could I add in things to increase my revenue? 

As you can guess, that put us on a new mission. 

At the time, we only had 1 upsell, and while it converted great, the dollar amount didn't get us even close to break even, let alone a profit. 

So, we changed the first upsell, and did a bundle pack that sold 6 bottles. 

We created another product for a second upsell, and then a third.  

After we had everything in place, we turned the traffic back on. 

We already knew it was going to take us about $80 to acquire a customer... but how much now would we make immediately, in the cart, from each person who bought? 

Within hours, we knew we had a winner. We were averaging about $163 cart value on day #1 (before any follow ups went out!!!)

Do you know what that means? 

$80 to acquire, and we immediately, point of sale (in the cart) make $163 back out!

$1 in... $2 back out!

That's the formula for a winner!

Now all we had to do, was add more traffic, and watch how fast we could scale this offer.  

And the results were awesome. 

Within a month, we passed $100k in sales. 

Within 2 months, over $300k. 

And by month #3, less than 90 days after making those changes, we had passed the $500k a month mark!

So, next time you start to build a funnel (or you're trying to fix a dead funnel) - remember these two metrics:

1st - what does it cost to acquire a customer?
2nd - what is your average cart value...

If you can get those 2 numbers right, everything else will take care of itself.

Russell Brunson
CEO www.DotComSecrets.com 
Isn't that awesome! After reading that I got so excited, I wanted to see behind the scenes on EVERY page, what Russell had done...

So, I went to the website, and started to buy the product, so I could see all of the pages in his funnel...

But the problem, was depending on what I purchased, I saw different things. I got a glimpse of what he was doing, but I wasn't able to see the whole thing. 

So I asked Russell if he's be willing to show me behind the scenes of his funnel, and show me EVERY page, what they did, why he did them in that order, what he had tested that worked... and what he did that didn't work. 

Knowing that Russell charges $3,500 for a 1 hour consult on the phone, I didn't think I was going to hear back...

But what happened next shocked me. 

I got an email back from Russell, and the subject line said:
Funnelology 101
What..? What was this? 

I nervously opened the email, and what I found inside literally changed my business forever.

Not only did Russell open up EVERYTHING and show me EXACTLY what he had done, and why... 

He recorded a mini course showing me every page... every step in the funnel - What he had done, and why.  

He also went on to show me WHERE he got his traffic, how much it costs and more!

He literally HANDED me a blueprint, that I could plug ANY product into, and see almost instant success!

He asked me to keep this mini course a secret, because he didn't want it passed around free on forums and message boards.

But I asked him if I could make it available to a few of my faithful subscribers.  

I had to twist his arm a bit, but finally he said YES!!! (with just a few rules)

1st) I couldn't show it to everyone - only people who are serious about growing a company online.

2nd) I couldn't give it away free - people I show it to HAVE to make some type of token investment.
"If they aren't willing to invest something in their business, then no matter what we show them, they'll never actually value it."
said Russell...

So, I asked him if I could sell it to a select few people, for just $7.  

After hesitating a bit, he agreed, but with ONE caveat... that he could pull my license to resell this video training at anytime for any reason.

So, there you are... 

Right now you've got a once in a lifetime shot....

To get access to his Funnelology 100 product, a virtual blueprint that he currently making him over $500k PER MONTH... for just $7. 

Is it worth it?  

Well, considering the $250 an hour consulting fee breaks down to about $4 a minute...

I think that $7 what you're getting here is a steal. 

But you've got to act now, because this very limited offer could be gone at any time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the "Add To Cart" button now.